MM Fund I Partners

Fund 1 for MARF Management is described below. If you wish to participate as an investor in MARF 1, please contact us.

Fund NameMM Fund I Partners
Fund Size
Up to $5 Million
Minimum Investment Commitment$100,000
Suitable InvestorsAccredited Investors Only
Life of FundNot to Exceed 7 Years
Investment FocusSingle-Tenant, Retail Properties in Eastern US with Investment-Grade Tenants and Stabilized Lease with 5-15 Years Remaining in Term. Typical Property priced at $0.5MM to $3.0MM.
LeverageProperties will have 60-75% Senior Term debt secured by the asset.
Targeted Return8-10% subject to performance of portfolio. Yield payments consist of Interim Yield based on operating performance, coupled with a preferred return at the time of capital events.
Liquidity HorizonNon-liquid during life of fund
Security Preferred Member Interest with quarterly, qualified distributions, and annual K-1.
Allocation of Income and DepreciationPro Rata for Members
Loan GuaranteeFor General Partners and Common Membership only – Investors (Preferred Members) are not guarantors on bank debt
Allocation of Depreciation and Fund IncomeInvestor-Funded membership receives pro rata income and depreciation on Form K-1. Management works to maximize the tax-advantage effects of depreciation. Please consult with your tax professional to understand income and tax effects for your investment.
Subscription Investors submit a signed subscription agreement, conditioned on acceptance by MARF Management, along with documents confirming status as an accredited investor. Upon receipt, MARF Management will review the Subscription request and respond with formal notice as soon as possible.
PPM docsAll interested investors that are accredited will receive a Private Placement Memorandum once their status as accredited investors is confirmed. MARF Management reserves the right to withhold PPM docs from interested parties that are not deemed by MARF Management to be suitable, or accredited.
Calculation of distributions and timing of investmentMARF Management records the date of investment based on the business date of receipt of funds (by wire or check), and begins allocating Pro Rata yield to investors from that date forward. Allocation of yield is not delayed while waiting for deployment of invested funds.